Discover How Beginning Weight Lifters Around The World Transformed Their Bodies In Just Three Short Months!

You're Less Than 3 Months Away From A New Person Looking Back At You In The Mirror!

From: Kris Gethin, Editor-In-Chief Of Bodybuilding.com

Dear Friend,

Getting a great body is FINALLY going to be easy, even if you are a beginner!

With all of the weight loss and diet pills, powders, lotions, articles, commercials, equipment, and other items you are probably confused as to what to do next. If you have ever bought some weight loss pills because a friend recommended them, yet you saw absolutely ZERO benefit, then it is time for a change and to learn how to get that great body you have always wanted.

My name is Kris Gethin, and I am the Editor-In-Chief of Bodybuilding.com. Not only do I write for Bodybuilding.com, but I have trained countless people on how to eat better, save money, and get the body they have always wanted in just 12 short weeks.

That's right! In less than 3 months, you finally can have a body where friends and family will beg you to find out your secrets.

You can do this even if you are a beginning weight lifter!

The only "secret" is that your staying committed is all that is necessary once you attempt my proven, 12-week system.

What other Beginning Weight Lifters Have To Say About Kris' Program:

"Happier And Physically Fitter Than I Have Ever Been In My Life..."

"The biggest change has been an increase in my self confidence. I am much more active, happier and physically fitter than I have ever been in my life. That in itself is enough for me. But I have also become healthier, my cholesterol and blood pressure has been lowered and the pain in my back from a previous work injury has disappeared."

~~ Dickran Yakenian 

Dickran Yakenian Before Image Dickran Yakenian After Image

Dickran's Before And After Photos  

"I Loved Being Able To Fit Into Smaller Clothes"

"I felt awesome. I was so stoked to have made it so far. I took professional photos where I shaved, tanned and that was a little freaky and looking back now, I had no clue what I was doing. Keep in mind I wasn't competing in a bodybuilding show but simply a transformation contest. I'd dropped down to 183lbs and looked and felt great.  

... and I loved the feeling of not always being tired and being able to fit into smaller clothes."

~~ Isaac Hinds


Trained Hundeds Of Happy Beginning Weight Lifters Around The World... And I Even Transformed Myself!

I have trained people in gyms in North America, Europe, And Australia; and everyone makes dramatic improvements if they follow the simple suggestions. The recommendations are easy and they will help you improve your body in less than 3 months!

In my career helping people just like you improve their physiques, I earned several distinctions including:
  • internationally-qualified sports therapist
  • internationally-qualified weight training instructor
  • massage therapist in remedial, sports-specific, and Swedish styles
  • personal trainer and body treatment specialist on 5-star celebrity cruise lines
My personal favorite credential, however, was that I owned and operated a fitness center in Australia called Future Physique.  We specialized in transforming hundreds of physiques in 12-week challenges.  

Many of my clients participated in the Body For Life Challenge and two even became eventual finalists!

Yes, I even followed my own advice!  Here are my Before and After pictures when I took the 12-week Transformation Challenge:

Kris Gethin Before Image   Kris Gethin After Image


I created this system due to the overwhelming requests for my advice on how to gain weight, lose weight, eat better, and bodybuilding contest preparation. Most of the requests have been from beginners, just like you!  They want to know how to lose weight, get six-pack abs, and transform their bodies and improve their self-esteem.

In my fitness industry career, I have met the top bodybuilders and figure competitors in the world.  I have photographed, interviewed, trained with, and gone to dinner with some of the best minds in physique transformation.  

Whenever we go out in public, however, inevitably someone who has never trained with weights comes up to us and asks us basic questions about how to lose weight, get leaner, or get rid of body fat from specific areas of the body.

What these people don't realize is that when they left us, my colleagues and I actually talked about how often we get approached every day by similar people.

When we discussed it further, my friends and I agreed that there should be a truly easy-to-understand program which will get the average first-time weight lifter on the right track.

We wanted to put together something which works for everyone, within 3 months, regardless of where in the world you live.  It should be thorough, not require wacky supplements or sports nutrition products.  And it should work for both men and women so that couples can train together and encourage each other.

This program is the result of those discussions!

Here Is What You Will Learn In My New E-Book, The Beginner's Weight Lifting Program:

  • Expert Advice - As Editor-In-Chief of Bodybuilding.com I have access to countless amounts of advice in the health, nutrition, and fitness industry. Unfortunately, most of the advice targeted to beginners is actually better for those who are more advanced. Get an easy-to-understand system which is designed for YOU. The information works no matter if you are a man or a woman and no matter where on the planet you live!
  • Worldwide Success - Learn the easy-to-understand system which has helped dozens of people on virtually every continent!
  • Your Before And After Photos - Do you want to look like those people you saw in their "After" photos?  Find out how to set up your photos so that you know where you are... and how much you improved in just mere weeks!
  • How To Stay Motivated - You will get several ways in which to stay motivated throughout your transformation. You can use one or all of them!
  • Goal Setting - Tired of long-winded talks and techniques about goal setting?  Me too!  Learn quick, easy ways to define your goals and go after them with passion!
  • Know The REAL Cost of Nutrition - Why it's cheaper in the long run to eat healthy!
  • How To Determine Between What You Have Been Told Is "Healthy" And What Really Works - You will learn what is really healthy so that you won't be fooled by deceptive marketing and advertising
  • Reduce The Aging Process By Removing One Ingredient In Your Foods - Find out the one ingredient which you should eliminate from your eating.  Sadly, it is now in many packaged foods we eat
  • A List Of Permitted Foods - Get a list of foods you should eat in order to get the body you want.  It is easy enough to print out and carry in your wallet!
  • A Thorough, Step-By-Step Exercise Plan For 12 Weeks - Get an easy to understand (and follow!) 12 week weight lifting program.  This is the "guts" of the program!
  • How To Keep Track Of Your Progress - You will get training logs which you can print out and keep track of your progress... workout by workout!
  • How To Watch Out For Scams - Learn how to be wary of health and fitness scams.  They are persuasive, so stick with the "basics" which I will teach you.  The basics work for everybody, everytime!


Of course, you probably won't be motivated to get in shape fast just based off of my experiences!  You might say, "Kris, you work for the industry and have time to train every day whenever you want."  

Or you may think that I was simply born with the genetic gift.  While none of those are true (I wish that they were!), I want you to see more proof from other people just like you.

Here are some more Before and After photos of my clients, all of whom originally wanted just a basic weight lifting program for beginners.  They come from all walks of life... and even different continents!


Success Stories From Around The World:

Lifelong Committment To Healthy Exercise Habits Saved His Life

~~ Mick (United Kingdom)

 Beginners Weight Lifting Program Testimonial - Mick Before Image  Beginners Weight Lifting Program Testimonial - Mick After Image

Mick's Before And After Photos  

Mother Of Four Loses Nearly 40 Pounds

Beginners Weight Lifting Program - Before Photo   Beginners Weight Lifting Program - After Photo


Before And After Photos

Loses "Cottage Cheese" Thighs In 12 Weeks

Beginners Weight Lifting Program - Before Photo   Beginners Weight Lifting Program - After Photo

Colleen's Before And After Photos


Father Of Three Children Loses 77 Pounds

Beginners Weight Lifting Program - Before Photos  Beginners Weight Lifting Program - After Photos

Appi's Before And After Photos

As you can see, men and women from around the world already have benefited from the program.  Some are single, some are married, and some have kids.  It doesn't matter - ANYONE can do this!


The program itself will give you all that you need to get the body you want in just 12 short weeks.  But, just to make sure that you know that I want you to succeed, here are extra books and reports to ensure that you have everything you need to make your weight lifting program a successful one!

Your Four Exclusive Bonuses...


Bonus # 1:

How To Look Great In A Photo Shoot!

(Value $9.95)

One of the recommendations I give my clients is to pay IN ADVANCE for a photo shoot. This gives them motivation to stay with the program. When the day of the photo shoot comes, however, many didn't know how to look great in those photos. 

Being a photographer for international fitness magazines and bodybuilding websites, I know exactly what it takes to look your best on the day of the photo shoot.  Look great on photo day and have some great photos to put on your MySpace or Facebook page!

Bonus # 2:

Stay In Control Of Your Emotions!

(Value $19.95)

Have you ever wanted to stay in control of your emotions, no the matter what situation you find yourself?  Discover the technique that world-class athletes and Hollywood actors use to call up any desired emotion right on the spot!  Best of all, even a little kid can do this!

Bonus # 3:

Tips To Get A Good Night's Sleep

(Value $9.95)

Even if you understand the value of getting a good night's sleep, chances are that you may be among millions of people worldwide who have difficulty getting adequate amounts of restful sleep.

Get tips to help you improve the quality of your sleep starting tonight!

Bonus # 4:

Know Your Blood Type And Get Even Better Results!

(Value $19.95)

This report will help you get even better results by knowing how to eat according to your blood type. I made suggestions for a client of mine based on his blood type, and for the first time in his life he finally got the body he desired!

This has been proven time and again with my clients. Learn how to work WITH your body to make your results happen MUCH faster!  This alone could be the "secret ingredient" you have been missing which has prevented you from getting the body you want.


Get The Information You Need Right Now... Without Having To Leave Your Chair!

Imagine walking down the weight loss product aisle and laughing at the claims being made. Imagine chuckling to yourself when you see ridiculous weight loss claims being made on TV. 

Imagine feeling terrific knowing that you did everything the RIGHT way and hearing the compliments that your friends and family give you because you KNOW how to get a great body.

Imagine NEVER having to buy fitness magazines looking for the "secret answer" nor having to spend hundreds of dollars each year on weight loss products selling you empty promises or even health risks!

Too many friends and clients of mine have wasted time, money, and energy on useless (or even potentially harmful) products and services in the fitness industry. Everyone who followed my system thanked me afterward. And they said that they didn't realize how easy it was to get their improved physiques!


8-Week, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Beginners Weightlifting Program Guarantee

If for any reason you don't improve your body during the first 8 weeks then you are welcome to return the e-book for a 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee. 

I want you to be so satisfied with the results that you recommend the e-book to your friends and family so that they can benefit in the same way you did; and I stand behind this system so much that I can offer you this guarantee.


I know you are going to absolutely enjoy this program. And the results it will provide you will far surpass your expectations. 

This is my passion. I want you to get those results you desire!

If for any reason, however, you decide this program doesn't work for you in the next 8 weeks then I want you to let me give you your money back - and you can even keep the bonuses!

All I ask is that WHEN you succeed that you write to me and let me know!  Imagine 12 weeks from now, looking in the mirror loving what you see, and feeling compelled to me your success story.  And you look back on today knowing that making one simple action was the beginning of the new you!

Your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

YES!  I am taking you up on your offer today at the special price of only $17

And I will immediately receive the Beginners Weight Lifting Program program which also includes the following:

  • How To Look Great In A Photo Shoot ($9.95 value)
  • Stay In Control Of Your Emotions (And How To Get In The Zone) Technique ($19.95 value)
  • Start/Finish Photos Of The Exercises Described In The Program ($29.95 value)
  • Learning How To Eat According To Your Blood Type ($19.95 value)

  And I know that I can try your program completely risk-free with your 8-week, money back guarantee

Order Beginners Weight Lifting Program

Order Beginners Weight Lifting Program
Order Beginners Weight Lifting Program



Kris Gethin

Editor-In-Chief of Bodybuilding.com
Founder And Editor of Kaged Muscle Magazine
Natural Professional Bodybuilder
Fitness And Bodybuilding Photographer
Internationally Qualified Sports Therapist
Body Treatment and Personal Trainer On Celebrity Cruise Lines
Owner and Operator Of Future Physique (Australian Gym Specializing In 12-Week Transformations)

One Final Story:

Gained A Six Pack And Increased Muscle

Tony is a real estate agent and at 49 years old wanted to look fantastic at 50. His Birthday wish was to gain a six pack and increase muscle everywhere on his 6'2" frame.

Although Tony had some low points when his cravings for sugary sweets got the better of him, he quickly put them behind him and got right back on track. He got all of his birthday wishes granted and was ecstatic of his new lease on life!

 Beginners Weight Lifting Program - Before Photo  Beginners Weight Lifting Photos - After Photos

Tony's Before And After Photos



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