BEGINNERSWEIGHTLIFTINGPROGRAM.COM SUPPORT aims to comply with all anti-spam laws, privacy policies, and legal matters regarding e-commerce and internet marketing.  We only want to correspond with those of you who wish to receive information from us.  As a company policy, we do not engage in "black hat" internet marketing techniques or other questionable practices.  

If you have reached any e-mail or other correspondence from us in error, or you do not wish to receive any more information from us simply e-mail us at  You may also reach us at PO Box 2384, Addison TX 75001 (USA).  Please allow up to 10 business days from the time we receive your communication.  Again, we want to make sure ONLY those who have opted to receive communications from us receive our communications.  Please help us to reduce any accidents by letting us know if you want to be removed from our lists.


When you purchase through the Clickbank credit card servers you will be directed to a download page where you can then download the ebooks along with their passwords.  The ebooks are in PDF format which means you need to have a PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed on your computer.  The PDF format was chosen to accomodate Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

If you do not get directed to the download page please send an e-mail to

In your inbox you should receive a receipt from Clickbank.  Please send a copy of that e-mail and/or your receipt number so that we can track what happened.  You may also send a physical copy to the mailing address listed earlier on this page.  We will track down what happened and help you get your files.


When you purchase through the Clickbank credit card servers you will get a receipt in your inbox.  Save this e-mail from Clickbank, as it will allow you to request a refund up to 8 weeks from the date of purchase.  As stated on the main page, you can keep the bonus books once your return is processed.  You must then delete the main ebook from your computer's hard drive and any other locations where you have a copy of the book.  

This includes destroying any printed or other physical copies.  Note that you are not allowed to share the book with anyone, post the ebook (and any passwords) on any file-sharing sites, or otherwise disseminate the ebook in such a manner that someone can access the file without paying for the ebook.

You are allowed, however, to send certain free reports to anyone you wish.  These reports will have that designation in the e-mail or in the content of the ebook itself.  You are not allowed to change any of the content of these free reports, with the exception of affiliates changing the URL to their specific affiliate link.


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